The Rainbow Project


The Rainbow Project is an in-depth program that runs for 10 weeks during the school terms. It is suitable for children starting school the next year who need to strengthen their skills. Supporting children who may need additional preparation for the routines and early learning skills for kindergarten.

This program is run by a holistic approach with a team of Occupational Therapists, Psychologist, Speech Pathologist and Early Childhood Specialists. The program focuses on development in physical health, social and emotional capacities as well as language acquisition, literacy, numeracy and cognition.


The Rainbow Project provides a fun and engaging environment that aids in creating a positive view about school and learning. It is run in small groups to help familiarise the children to a

classroom setting whilst also enabling each individual child's needs to be catered for. The Rainbow Project will strengthen your child's skills in the following areas:

- Communication and Language Development - Social and Emotional Skills
- Fine Motor Skills
- Gross Motor Skills

- Attention and Focus
- Literacy
- Numeracy
- Following Routines and Transitions - Access and Inclusion

The Allied Health support will be for both the children and families throughout the duration of the program. With developmental and sensory profiling provided by the team of therapists.

Occupational Therapist working with you and your child to enhance their social and emotional regulation, physical development and sensory processing.
The Psychologist will enhance and support you child's social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and identity.

The Speech Pathologist will enhance your child's communication, language and social skills and confidence.
The Early Childhood Specialist will enhance your child's wellbeing and access and inclusion outcomes.

This program is an all inclusive support, catered to aiding your child to develop the tools for school.

How the program is implemented

The program will be run for three hours, two days per week over 10 weeks.

Hour 1 – Early Childhood Educator & Speech Therapy

Hour 2 – Early Childhood Educator & Psychology / Occupational Therapy

Hour 3 – Early Childhood Educator 

Parent Communication

Parents will be invited to an initial intake meeting, a mid way point and completion of program collaboration.

Parents will be able to access a private group where they will see photos uploaded along with observations and therapy updates from each session.

Program Dates

Term 4’s program will run from 14th October for 10 weeks.


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